PORTFOLIO > Brooklyn Apartment in the Sky

As part of an open floor plan, this kitchen has the feeling of a galley kitchen, with the large kitchen island serving as the second "wall".

The apartment, located on a very high floor, is ringed with over sized double hung windows with fantastic views and lots of lovely sun.

The warm neutral of the tile back splash, ties together the cool gray of the counter tops, stainless appliances and cabinet pulls, with the warm cream cabinets. The tile color is also found in the living room rug.

My goal as a kitchen designer is to design a kitchen that feels "of the moment" as well as "timeless". Using neutral colors on the counter top, cabinets and tile, allows the kitchen to be changed and updated for minimal expense as fashion and tastes change. If the inhabitant of this apartment decides that they no longer want red as the accent color, the purchase of a new rug in another color for the adjacent living room and new accessories for the kitchen, will provide a completely new interior design direction for the apartment, at minimal cost.

Open kitchen with island, warm neutral back splash, light cabinets,dark counter top and red accessories by Jane Interiors NYC.
View of a galley kitchen open to the dining and living room by Jane Interiors NYC