• "I came to Jane with little idea of what I wanted / needed beyond "I want something that is not what I have now." Not very helpful to a designer. Of course I wanted it all done right away, and Jane had to use all of her interpersonal skills to keep me from rushing headlong into purchases that I would have regretted two minutes after they hit the floorboards in my apartment. When presenting alternatives to me, she was not afraid to take risks and offer suggestions that were not necessarily intuitive to my limited eye. Some of the options I rejected, some I liked and some I adored. She never gave up on me and my fickle tastes and now she has reached the point where she comes up with suggestions that I love on the first shot. Not only has she learned my design taste - she has helped me to discover it. She has also worked well within the practical limitations I set for her. With two kids and a third on the way, two large dogs and two non-declawed cats, there were several styles of furnishing that were off limits by necessity. She helped me find a comfortable sleeper sofa (a near impossibility, I thought) in a beautiful yet practically indestructible fabric, chose a living room rug in a pattern that has hidden no fewer than 20 messes in the 2 months it's been in place and secured a carpet for our enormous nursery for less than $500, complete with pad. The design process has been very much a collaboration. Unlike other designers I have known, she is interested in what I think and takes no offense when I don't like something, which in turn makes me more open with my opinions and more happy with the decisions we ultimately make."

    Connie, Upper West Side

  • “Jane turned our bare, brand-new Cobble Hill apartment into a fully-furnished beauty. Every guest falls in love with the layout, colors, and even the light fixtures when visiting. From redesigning our ceiling, to making our new curtains from scratch, to selecting paint to match our furniture, Jane did it all.”
    Matt, Brooklyn

    “Jane transformed my tiny, overcrowded studio into a spacious-feeling, balanced lil’ home. And she did it by gently directing and inspiring me to toss things, move furniture, and bringing me the most luscious shade of celery green paint that I never would have found ?myself. And though I resisted her suggestions at first–I’m like that–I soon learned one thing: Jane is always right. When people come over now they look around, impressed. One person even recently said of the space, ‘Wow, it’s so big.’ It’s not, but it definitely feels that way since Jane did her magic.”
    Valerie, Soho

    “I can’t express the joy that you have given to our apartment and our lives! When we first called you in for interference, we were a young couple living in a very small NYC apartment– the ultimate shoebox, if you will. Now, as we plan for our wedding, we come home every night to a space we both love and can live together in comfortably. And we have a year’s worth of your amazing ideas still to work on. With a loft space, we thought nothing could work-but everything you did was pragmatic, fun, and aesthetically pleasing. From the floor to ceiling bookcases to the inexpensive solutions for ugly kitchen cabinets, we were able to
    turn our Payless shoebox into a Manolo shoebox. I can’t thank you enough for your patience, understanding and good taste. You serve as decorator, designer and mediator– what every couple truly needs. Grazie!"
    Rita & Steve, Brooklyn

    Jane added true sophistication to our pre-war apartment. She listened to our needs and kept them in mind while offering us creative ideas to transform our living space into a sanctuary. She designed the most stunning built-ins, a beautiful ottoman, and made sure our furniture was recovered to perfection. She has a great eye for everything from light fixtures, to fabric, to rugs. Jane always went out of her way to be timely, attentive, and innovative.

    Alexandra, New York City