PORTFOLIO > Village Apartment with an Incredible View

Because the view from the Living / Dining Room is so magnificent, 2 small settees were selected and placed perpendicular to the window, facing each other. This allows all guests to look out the window and creates a lovely conversation area. Since the room is narrow, this furniture arrangement makes certain that no one is seated with their back to the window. Settees were chosen because their small scale kept the walk way to the bedroom open and clear. Placing the settees perpendicular to the window creates a natural divider between the living and dining areas of the room. The dining table is a wine table with a tilt top. A table with a top that can tilt down against the legs and be pushed against the wall, is a great piece of furniture for smaller spaces. It's nice to know you can make room for a few more people at a cocktail party, if necessary.

Loveseats in front of the window overlooking the Hudson River.
View of the Living/Dining Room in Greenwich Village Apartment.