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In this of apartment of many, many different angles, it was even more important to maximize floor space, which could have been easily wasted. One solution I frequently use in small space design is to build in bookshelves and media storage. Built in units tend to become part of the walls, rather than standing out as additional pieces of furniture which can make a space feel crowded. This custom designed unit uses every inch of floor to ceiling and side to side space. Additionally, I was able to design the height of the closed sections of the unit to be the correct height to serve as a bar, a credenza and a place to put the TV. The depth of the unit was designed to make sure it didn't impede traffic flow into the living room and kitchen and to make sure everything that needed to be stored inside, would fit. Neither single nor multiple free standing pieces of ready made furniture could have accomplished everything this single, custom built in manages to accomplish.

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Built In Media Center and Bookcases